Day Hikes From Tbilisi in 2021

Interested in day hikes from Tbilisi?

Want to find out more about adventure day hikes from Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is known for beautiful nature, breathtaking and panoramic views that are really amazing for day hikes.

Here are my TOP 5 favourite day hikes that I know that you would just love, when you are in Tbilisi

1. Birtvisi Canyon Georgia | Day Hikes from Tbilisi

Explore beautiful waterfalls and intrepid castles in the Birtvisi Canyon Georgia.

Birtvisi Canyon Georgia is located just some one-hour drive distance from Tbilisi in the region of Kvemo Kartli (Lower Kartli) in Trialeti Planned National Park, a very nice forest.

Birtvisi Fortress is in the West direction and you would have to walk through the river, enjoy the adventure of climbing the rocky canyons and the calming flow of the beautiful waterfalls as well as the intrepid castles.

The nature in this gorge is spectacular and refreshing and you will fully experience it when you take a trail through the silent forests.

day hikes from tbilisi

Birtvisi natural monument is another perfect place for an easy one day-hike or camping for when you are in Georgia because it is not far from Tbilisi.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast looking for serene natural scenery and an easy hike, Birtvisi Canyon Georgia is the right option.

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2. Juta Georgia | Day Hikes from Tbilisi

Enjoy breathtaking nature and great views from the mountains.

The small village of Juta is an outpost of the Khevsur people from over the mountains to the East and it stretches for about 15km along the mostly unpaved valley road forming a starting point for some great hikes.

The entire road is beautiful - from the valley floor you can see the mountains around you with lots of wildflowers, and if the sky is clear, you can even see Mount Kazbegi on the other side of the valley.

Juta Georgia -Beautiful and Adventurous Place for Hiking

Right from Juta Village, you hike for about 5km to reach Mount Chaukhebi and the view from this mountain is worth every step.

You will see two camping spots on the way up to where you can take a relaxing break as you enjoy the savory of the really good local cuisine served here.

Being located in between Kazbegi natural park, Juta has very fresh and pure air in addition to the beautiful valleys, lush green vegetation, flowering meadows, rushing rivers, grazing cows and horses.

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3. Trusso Georgia | Day Hikes from Tbilisi

Abandoned Village and Ancient Forest in the Trusso Georgia.

Trusso Valley is located near Kazbegi town.

This valley runs from Mtskheta to Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) through which the Aragvi River flows and the Military Road to Chechnya runs parallel albeit higher up the side of the valley than the river, creating some of the most spectacular views that you can ever encounter in your life. 

Explore Abandoned Village in the Trusso Georgia

The valley itself is a nice flat walk except for a small section at the very beginning, so even a novice should be able to handle it.

This beautiful valley smooths out into a huge glacial basin and in the summer, you can see shepherds with their animals but during winter you will hardly see anyone else and most probably you will have it to yourself.

There is an abandoned village worth exploring, an ancient fortress, and, if you venture in very far, a border checkpoint.

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4. Samshvilde Georgia | Day Hikes from Tbilisi

Explore the lifestyle of local people from ancient times.

Samshvilde Georgia is without a doubt a hidden gem in Georgia offering a beautiful Khrami river canyon along with medieval Samshvilde church.

It is a very interesting ancient historical castle town that will easily make you fall in love with it.


Samshvilde Georgia is without a doubt a hidden gem in Georgia offering a beautiful Khrami river canyon along with medieval Samshvilde church.

Further scattered down the street are partly destroyed, but still very beautiful fortresses, beautiful tiny and still functioning churches, and the ruins of the greater church – the Great Episcopal Cathedral of Samshvilde Georgia.

On the far end of the town, you find a very beautiful viewpoint of the location where the two rivers River Chivchavi and Khrami merge.

During summer, you will encounter a bit of very high grass and there could be some creatures hidden in there among them snakes.

However, that should not scare you as it is advised to always wear appropriate shoes and make some noise while going through grassy areas.

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5. Koruldi Lakes Georgia | Day Hikes from Tbilisi

Koruldi Lakes is a famous tourist attraction found on the Northern side of the Mestia Plateaus of Georgia.  

The small lakes are found on the snow-capped mountain on the way to Wusu’s hometown on Mestia Trek. 

Koruldi Lakes is a famous tourist attraction found on the Northern side of the Mestia Plateaus of Georgia

The Koruldi lake trek starts at Mestia, and takes you to the cross on the ridge-top above the town, through a sub-alpine plateau, and to the three small lakes at the feet of Mount Ushba peak.

here are ancient buildings that are seen everywhere and form a unique historical landscape in the middle of the panoramic natural scenery. 

You might encounter a festival in the evening with people from all over the town gathered in the square and they have a culture of sharing free food in the afternoon after which they start a music festival in the evening and performing traditional Georgian music and dances.

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