Tbilisi Travel Guide: Is Tbilisi Worth Visiting?

Fancy a Tbilisi Travel Guide?

Want to find out more about traveling in Tbilisi? 

Tbilisi has lots of notable beautiful destinations, historical sites, cultural sights, stunning views and so on... 

Here are my favorite TOP 10 places that you would just love, when you are in Tbilisi. 

1. Old Town Altstadt Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Old Town Altstadt Tbilisi is a historic town in Georgia forming the epitome of beauty and culture in Georgia's Capital Tbilisi.

Comprising of narrow streets, brick roofs and multinational communities, it is an amazing place to walk around and explore.

If you want to experience the whole magic of this interesting Old Town Altstadt Tbilisi take a walk in the evening when the lights are on. It’s a sight to behold.

The food is good and you will have so many options to choose from with so many restaurants lined up here. The people are very friendly, generous and hospitable.

The housing designs in Old Tbilisi are also an eye-catching. Beautiful traditional colourful wooden houses with lattice balconies that reveal a fusion of Asian and European designs in the architecture.

Old Town Altstadt Tbilisi is a historic town in Georgia forming the epitome of beauty and culture in Georgia's capital Tbilisi.

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2. Abanotubani Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Abanotubani Tbilisi meaning "bath district" is an ancient district known For its sulphur baths.

Take a walk in this area and you will discover the real charm of Tbilisi City.

Proudly located at the Eastern bank of the Mtkvari River and at the foot of Narikala fort, Abanotubani forms an important part of Tbilisi because according to a legend in Georgia, the King Vakhtang Gorgasali's falcon fell resulting to the discovery of the hot springs and the founding of a new capital.

Abanotubani Tbilisi meaning "bath district" is an ancient district known for its Sulphur baths. Take a walk in this area and you will discover the real charm of Tbilisi City.

There is also plenty of restaurants and bars, countless souvenir shops and stalls in front of the baths selling pomegranate and orange juice among other things to choose from.

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3. Rustaveli Avenue Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

It’s definitely the most beautiful avenue in the capital of Georgia.

Here you will find the most magnificent and important buildings of Tbilisi such as government building, cultural buildings, public buildings, businesses among others.

By just walking around you will explore so many kinds of shops and restaurants.

tbilisi travel guide

Rustaveli Avenue Tbilisi is the Central Avenue which according to history was named after Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli.

Rustaveli Avenue is just one unmissable place whenever you visit Tbilisi! Make sure to check all the centralized sites it has to offer and the vast variety of delicious foods you will come across as you tour this Avenue.

The people are very friendly and hospitable so feel free to make some new friends.

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4. The Dezerter Bazaar Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Experience the real Georgian culture.

The Dezerter Bazaar Tbilisi is basically a big market in Tbilisi where you find everything and anything at excellent prices.

This market is known to offer a wide range of cheap clothes, toys, vegetables, fruits and so much more. You can buy local products, for example cheese, which is very tasty and I love it.

You can sample Georgian natural fruits, vegetables as well as Georgian spices which are quite a broad range. That is why I highly recommend a visit here for any traveler who is keen enough to know and experience the real Georgian Culture.

The Dezerter Bazaar Tbilisi is basically a big market in Tbilisi where you find everything and anything at excellent prices. It is Tbilisi's largest open-air fresh food market comprising of about 2000 m2 and countless stalls trading different varieties of products from Georgia.

For me this place is like one big house that gives you an exclusive all-in-one experience of Georgia in every way.

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5. Turtle Lake Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Turtle Lake Tbilisi is finest place to enjoy your weekends.

Turtle lake with its relaxing atmosphere is a good escape option from the busy city.

The entire area is surrounded by a lush green scenery and is nice place to relax and rejuvenate your energy as compared to the city below which is seen from the lake view at the top.

It is possible to swim and rent a paddling boat if you would like to go boating in the lake.

This large and beautiful lake is located on Mtatsminda Mountain and is a popular recreation spot.

Note that there is also a small playing area for kids just in case you are travelling with them. 

If you are a photography person, this is definitely one awesome spot, you will capture amazing shots.

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6. The Museum of Illusions Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Enjoy fun activities at The Museum of Illusions Tbilisi !

The Museum of Illusions Tbilisi is just a short walk from the bathhouses, the 'I love Tbilisi' sign and the Gallery 27 on one of the side streets.

Even though, the place is not very spacious, it has a number of interesting things to keep you entertained for several hours.

One of the activities that I would greatly recommend is being in the Vortex Tunnel. This one will definitely give you an experience that is worth your while.

Also, in case you love teasing your brain with puzzles you can buy the miniature sized ones at the reception area.

Spare a half day on your schedule to tour this place for an experience that is not only different, but also - unique.

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7. Metekhi Temple Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

The combination of a rich history with the grey stones and the magnificent view.

Influenced by the Georgian architecture, Metekhi Cathedral was built to look like a growing continuation of the cliff and is usually visible from many points in the city. 

This is one of the oldest churches built and most recommended sites to visit for anyone coming to Tbilisi.

Metekhi Temple Tbilisi is a Georgian Orthodox church located to the left bank of Mtkvari River.

A small garden at the back of the church overlooks the Rike Park and the church grounds offers great views over the Old Town across the river.

Metekhi Temple Tbilisi is worth visiting for its rich historic value, the picturesque views it offers and also its location across the river from the Old Town which makes it easily accessible.

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8. Kartlis Deda Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Enjoy a tour with an amazing view of the city from The Monument Kartlis Deda Tbilisi.

Famously known as "Mother of Georgia”, Kartlis Deda Tbilisi is a monument perched at the top of Sololaki Hill. It is a colossal structure created in the 1958 by a sculptor Elguja Amashukeli to celebrate Tbilisi's 1500th anniversary.

Kartlis Deda Tbilisi is Colossal Structure Created to Celebrate Tbilisi's 1500th Anniversary

The symbol behind the mother of Georgia is just fascinating as she holds up a bowl of wine with one hand paying homage to Georgian wine heritage and to greet those who come as friends and draws a sword with the other for those who come as enemies.

Ensure to visit this monument!

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9. Narikala Fort Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Enjoy great scenic views  from The Narikala Fort Tbilisi.

Narikala Fort Tbilisi nestled in dominance a top of the Tabori Range area overlooking Tbilisi the capital of Georgia, is this ancient fortress that is also often referred to as the Mother Fortress of Tbilisi.

It is one of the best spot for capturing Tbilisi and the Mtkvari River in their prime beauty at the background.

Apart from the Narikala Fortress rustic structures, it is an amazing spot and height to enjoy great scenic views especially at night when the beautiful city lights dazzle up in the horizon so beautifully.

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10. The Bridge of Peace Tbilisi | Tbilisi Travel Guide

Designed to resemble the shape of a marine animal, this 150m long artistic structure boasts a bow-shaped steel and glass canopy.

The Bridge of peace Tbilisi is a pedestrians-only bridge that hangs delicately over the Kura River and acts as a link between the Old Town and the modern. 

On the bridge you will meet a lot of people offering to take you on a boat ride but for me, the best way to experience the scenic view is to stroll walk along it.

The Bridge of Peace is definitely one of Tbilisi's amazing attractions you wouldn't want to miss.

There is also a clean and beautiful nice Park where you can relax and enjoy the view of the flowing water or people taking boat rides Under the Bridge in case you are not up for a stroll.